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SEPM provides software engineering services and products for utility companies to help them make better use of their asset management information systems. SEPM offers data modelling, programming, interface development, application design, migration projects and programming for geographic information systems.

The Translator Feature Model (TFM) is a comprehensive design for high quality GIS data transfer and lies at the core of the SEPM products. This methodology provides superior quality for geographic data transfers while at the same time reducing the work for configuration. 



SEPM Products 2018-01
The SEPM Products 2018-01 are now available for download: 
 - The SEPM X-Translator now includes a GeoJSON format and some detail improvements 

 - The SEPM NeplanAcp offers a direct connection to the NEPLAN 360 Engine for calling network calculations right from Magik 
 - Improvements of the SEPM ISYBAU Interface

SEPM Products 2017-02
The SEPM Products 2017-02 cover the following features: 
 - Support for DXF/DWG 2018 (SEPM X-Translator RealDWG™-based AutoCAD DWG/DXF Format)

 - The software was tested in the PNI 5 Application 

SEPM Swisstopo Database 2017
The SEPM Swisstopo Smallworld Database has been reissued with current Swisstopo data. 

SEPM Products 2017-01
The SEPM Products 2017-01 have been released: 
 - Significant updates of the SEPM X-Translator RealDWG™-based AutoCAD DWG/DXF Format

 - New functionality in the SEPM NEPLAN Interface 
 - New functionality in the SEPM ISYBAU Interface 

SEPM Products 2016-01
The SEPM Products 2016-01 are now available and cover the following features:

 - Support for Smallworld 5 
 - Import into the SEPM X-Translator Database with the SEPM X-Translator RealDWG™-based AutoCAD DWG/DXF Format
 - New Implementer Modules for the
SEPM X-Databases 
 - New functionality in the SEPM NEPLAN Interface 
 - New functionality in the SEPM ISYBAU Interface 

SEPM Products 2015-01
The SEPM Products
2015-01 are now available:
 - This release includes the first version of the new SEPM X-Translator RealDWG™-based AutoCAD DWG/DXF Format
 - New functionality in the
SEPM NEPLAN Interface 
 - Updated Reframe-Software for conversion to/from LV95

SEPM X-Database Swisstopo 2015
The SEPM X-Database Swisstopo has been updated
 - Swisstopo's swissBOUNDARIES3D program, Protected Areas, National Map 1:1Mio (2015 edition)
 - Smallworld databases are available for LV03 and LV95 for Smallworld 400/410/411, 420 and 430
 - Swiss postal codes have also been loaded

Meet SEPM at the GE 2015 International Software Summit
SEPM exhibits at the GE 2015 International Software Summit in Francfort, 8-11 June 2015. SEPM will showcase an updated product portfolio including new versions of the SEPM X-Translator, SEPM NEPLAN and SEPM ISYBAU interfaces.

SEPM Products 2014-02
The SEPM Products 2014-02 cover the following new functionality:
 - Significant improvements of the SEPM ISYBAU Interface
New customer requirements have been integrated in the SEPM SIA405 Interface and the SEPM NEPLAN Interface
Release notes are only available in German only in this release.  

SEPM X-Database Swisstopo 2014
The SEPM X-Database Swisstopo has been updated:

 - Swisstopo's swissBOUNDARIES3D program, Protected Areas, National Map 1:1Mio (2014 edition)
 - Smallworld databases are available for LV03 and LV95 for Smallworld 400/410/411, 420 and 430

SEPM Products 2014-01
The following new products and functionality have been integrated into the 2014-01 release of the SEPM products: 

 - The first version of the SEPM ISYBAU Interface as well as the SEPM X-Database ISYBAU is available.
 - The new product SEPM SIA405-Export LKMAP/BL addresses specific requirements of the Swiss Canton Basel-Land.
 - The SEPM X-Translator can now import KML files  among other new features
The document
SEPM_2014_01_New_Features.pdf covers the new products and functionality in some more detail.

SEPM X-Database Swisstopo 2013
The SEPM X-Database Swisstopo 2013 (in German) contains the following data:

 - Swisstopo's swissBOUNDARIES3D program (commune boundaries, 2013 edition)
 - Protected Areas (Vector200 program)
 - National map 1:1Mio
 - Boundaries of the national map series 1:25'000, 1:50'000 and 1:100'000
 - The swissBOUNDARIES3D areas were converted into communes, lakes, districts and cantons
This database is available for free and can be downloaded in the download area.

Communes, lakes, districts, cantons, pixel map boundaries and protected areas 

National map 1:1Mio

SEPM Products 2013-01
SEPM Products 2013-01 have been released:
 - Many improvements in the SEPM X-Translator based on customer requirements
 - Support for SIA405 2012 LKMAP (SIA405 Export and SIA 405 X-Database)
 - New functionality in the SEPM NEPLAN Interface
Have a look at the document
SEPM_2013_01_New_Features.pdf for details.

SEPM offer for LV03-LV95 reference system change
SEPM offers products and services for changing a Smallworld database from LV03 to LV95. Check out SEPM_Bezugsrahmenwechsel_LV03_LV95.pdf (in German).

SEPM Products 2012-02 Released
The SEPM Products 2012-02 are now available:
SEPM X-Translator:
 - Improvements of the X-Translator GUI
 - Support for importing DXF/DWG dimension entities
 - German translations for the X-Translator database
 - 'Mapping Predicates' allow loading only a subset of the source data
SEPM X-Raster
 - Export of ds_grid_pyramid rasters to TIFF
 - A new combined trail-trace export mode
 - Generic configuration of the SEPM NEPLAN Import: change any attribute of a NEPLAN object
 - Documentation of the SEPM NEPLAN Update Mode
 - Various bug fixes and improvements
SEPM SIA405 Export Interface
 - An interface for NRM Wastewater for the SIA405 2008 Wastewater model is now part of the product

Please find more information in the document SEPM_2012_02_New_Features.pdf

SEPM Products 2012-01 Released
The SEPM Products 2012-01 cover the following new features: 
A new X-Translator Add-On allows converting coordinates from the current Swiss LV03/CH1903 system to the new geographic reference frame LV95/CH1903+ (and vice versa) based on the "Reframe" programming library available from Swisstopo. 
The SEPM NEPLAN Interface includes a new SEPM NEPLAN Update mode to update NEPLAN data with fresh data from the GIS. A new SEPM NEPLAN Import feature allows importing data from GIS to NEPLAN that are not covered by the standard NEPLAN CDE and SCE import files.The Remove Switches algorithm is improved to eliminate switches also for transformers.
The SIA 405 X-Database now also contains the SIA 405 2008 Wastewater data model.
A few more practical new features are available, check out the release notes for details.

SEPM Products 2011-02 Released
SEPM is pleased to announce the first version of the SEPM NEPLAN interface. Based on the SEPM X-Translator, this new interface is used to export data from Smallworld electricity applications to the NEPLAN network calculation package. The SEPM NEPLAN interface can be configured for any data model. This first version contains a complete configuration for the NIS Strom (4.0 and 4.2) application, covering common workflows in mid and low voltage network planning. 
Other features of this release are updated SIA 405 export interfaces and a very useful facility to edit 'fixed value mappings' in the X-Translator GUI.

Check out the new product flyers on the download page
Updated product flyers for the X-Translator and X-Raster are now available on the download page